From the Comprehensive School Model, we encourage the school to achieve its goals through four key strategies:

  1. Continuous accompaniment. We create a bond of collaboration and trust based on observing and listening to their needs, promoting conversations and participating in school projects. We promote co-responsible participation between parents and teachers for the benefit of the students.
  2. Alianzas estratégicas. Gestionamos y coordinamos alianzas con especialistas en contenidos y metodologías; con empresas, donantes y otras instituciones filantrópicas, y con las autoridades educativas a nivel local, estatal y federal.
  3. Strategic Alliances. We manage and coordinate alliances with specialists in content and methodologies; with companies, donors and other philanthropic institutions, and with educational authorities at local, state and federal levels.
  4. Evaluation for improvement. Based on the participatory diagnosis and the evaluation of results that we carry out annually, we identify needs and contribute to the effective decision making for the improvement of the school.
We take these lines of action to the schools through alliances with authorities, specialists and civil society, always respecting the school, its times and its ways, and starting from needs detected in a collaborative way with the school community. Our accompaniment is intensive for six years. We have a professional field team, present at the school throughout the school year, in charge of implementing the model, following up and accompanying the school community.